Safety Rules


*** All riders must remove their shoes before entering the inflatable unit.***

*** No Glass or any sharp object may be inside or nearby the inflatable unit.***

  • To avoid neck and back injuries, FLIPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • Absolutely no “Silly String”, gum, candy, food or other sticky substances allowed in the inflatable unit.
  • If upon pickup such cleaning is required then a $50.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed.
  • No pets allowed inside of the inflatable unit.
  • Do not move inflatable unit from the place it is originally installed.
  • Inflatable unit should not be installed near swimming pools.
  • Riders should not climb on the sides or nets and no horseplay or flips.
  • No Silly String on or near the unit. Silly String will breakdown the vinyl.
  • The operator should assist the riders when they enter and exit the ride. 
  • The operator should position himself/herself in close proximity to the entrance of the ride. 
  • While the ride is in operation, the operator should watch the riders at all times. No roughhousing or horseplay should be tolerated. No climbing on the nets is allowed. Anyone who does not obey the rules after being warned should be asked to exit the ride (operators should be made to understand that they are in control of the ride…and removing someone from a ride who is not following rules is important for all riders’ safety). 
  • The operator must strictly enforce the rules posted on the warning sign. 
  • The operator should assist the riders while they exit the ride. 
  • The operator must remain in control of the ride at all times.
  • If the unit becomes damaged while in operation, the procedure is as follows:
  • If the unit becomes punctured or begins to lose air, assist all users from the unit and deflate it, contact Sky Jumpers immediately and do not attempt to continue to operate the unit.

Our Bouncers are designed with children's safety as the #1 priority. All Bouncers are cleaned and disinfected after each use. Each unit has a safety step entrance to prevent falling while entering or exiting the unit. The entrance is made with a small opening to prevent children from falling out while making it easy to exit in the event that unit after deflates. All units have lots of net windows to allow adults to closely supervise the children. All units are tied down.